Anneliese Kamola


My name is Anneliese Kamola. I am an author, editor, and writing coach living in Bellingham, Washington. I primarily work with memoirists and non-fiction authors who write about the environment, women’s and social issues, political narrative, spirituality, and healing.

I support authors in their (often messy, frustrating, and surprising) process of articulation. I offer writers equal parts encouragement and accountability for getting words onto the page into the first draft. For later drafts, I help writers clarify their themes, strengthen the narrative arc, and structurally reorganize. No matter what part of the creative process, I always listen to what is ‘underneath’ the writer’s words—that which is not yet articulated but ready to be shared. Throughout our time working together I ask insightful questions for deepening and clarifying the message. We work together in person, over the phone, and/or over Zoom.

Please take a look at my Services & Costs page, then use the form to Contact Me. We will begin our process with a conversation about your story, what your intentions are, where you are and where you want go. Please be in touch—I am excited to hear about your project!

Photo Credit: Demi Fair, September 2019

Photo Credit: Demi Fair, September 2019

Publication & Performance

Editorial publications:

  • True Stories: The Narrative Project, Vol. 2. Co-editor with Cami Ostman and Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor. Release Date: January 11, 2020.

  • Time in a Tea Crate by Donna Robinson. Developmental Editor. Release Date: January 2020.

  • A Quest for Tears: Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury by Sean Dwyer. Developmental Editor.

Personal creative publications:


  • Holding Up Her Part of the Sky: Stories of Strong Women from Around the World Solo Storytelling Show, 2015.

  • Filling the Void Writer, Producer, and Performer (Storytelling/Theater/Dance), 2013.

  • This Is My Body One-Woman Theater/Storytelling Performance, 2011.

  • Orcas Island Storytelling Festival Company Storyteller, 2009.

 —I’d like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to the amazing Demi Fair for her portrait photography! I highly recommend working with her.—

—I also thank Christin Hume on Unsplash for the free use of her photo on the Services and Costs page.—