Anneliese Kamola

“Anni’s editing skills stretch far beyond her stickler-ness for Oxford commas and such. She is uncannily intuitive; able to perceive meaning and emotion behind words, a skill that allows her to ask just the right questions. She brought forth what I was trying to say—and oftentimes what I didn’t know I needed to say.”

-Ronna Russell, Author of The Uncomfortable Confessions of a Preacher’s Kid


“I hired Anni for a comprehensive edit of my complex memoir. She provided insights into the work that I never would have been able to discern on my own, and she caught many textual issues including typos and missing words. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.”

-Sean Dwyer, Author of A quest for tears: Surviving traumatic brain injury


“Never having written a capstone paper, I was stuck and hopelessly lost as the deadline loomed. The paper I thought was essentially pretty good was, according to my professors, actually confusing and unacceptable. I hired Anneliese to help me out. I found her to be a skilled and focused editor. She has a unique, collaborative approach to editing, which transformed the confusion into what the faculty ultimately described as, ‘A FABULOUS work of clarity, very flowing, very touching.’”

-Anne Cutter Mikkelsen, Graduate of the Chaplaincy Program at Upaya Institute and Zen Center and Author of: From Both Sides of the River; Taking Charge of Parkinson’s Disease; The Dodge: Guts, Glory, and Living at Full-Throttle; and Love’s Last Measure: Lessons Learned at Death’s Door