Six Places I Meet Inspiration

I used to think my ah-hah moments were random, but recently I noticed that they consistently arrive when I am in particular places or doing specific activities:

1)   Unloading the dishwasher

2)   Pulling morning glory out of the wood chips in the front garden

3)   Driving anywhere for about ten minutes

4)   Taking a quick shower

5)   Rocking in my super-ugly, 1970’s floral rocking chair by the front window, sitting cross-legged, and staring out at the trees across the street

6) Walking in the woods behind my house for about twenty minutes

In order for inspirations to come to me, I must make myself available to receive. I believe that writer’s block is often connected to sitting still. So, when I find myself stuck, I intentionally connect my body with my mind and choose one of the things from my short-list.

I’m curious—do you have places of inspiration? An activity or location where your muse likes to meet for a coffee date? Comment in the comments section below!